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14 10 2011
diego di brigida

Dear Captain ,
i ‘m intersting to find a job in the sailing sector :
i’m not a professionist but i have some will and quite good experience :
I started to sail 10 years ago, and year by year, i’ve increased my experience/qualification about sailing.
At the beginning i made some sailing courses (paying) and some cruising as au pair in West Cyclades , Ionian Island, Dalmatia, Albania, Montenegro, Sardinia Tour, Corsica Tour, and all Italian Coast .
After , when i started to become more skilled ,i found paid position during the summer.
I did sailing instructor (volounteer) for disabled person in May 2007 at : on Bavaria 40
Now I ‘m a seasonal worker (4th seaon), and i’ve a little bit  experience in sailing boat (Jeanneu
54 DS for 4 seasons (July-Agoust)
as Deckhand/Steward/Co-Skipper : for Ref. owner Ing. Carmelo Cosentino (CEO of Alenia Aermacchi Aeronautics)
I have teached sailing to child at Garda’s Lake (may 2009) for ref. ( ;
Alghero at (june 2009) and Civitavecchia (june 2010) for ref .
I have got the Italian navigation licence by 2008 without limits
I did a Skipper in Flotilla in April 2008 in Greece (Ionian island), Corsica in May 2008 (including night navigation), and a coastal delivery from Nice to Olbia ,via Genova Gulf ,with a Super Mistral ( 24 ft) in May 2009.
i did regattas by 2004 to 2009 above Este 24 as bower /tailer
i’m also an owner of 470 and Laser Std/Radial.
I became in March 2011 an Instructor of
Italian Federation of Sailing (similar to Dinghy Rya )
2011 (June -July) : Skipper (Flotilla) above Bavaria 42 in Greek Ionian Island with teeangers for Ref.
2011 (Agoust-September): Seaman/Coskipper above Jeanneau 54 DS.
2011 : (October) delivery from Alghero (Sardinia) to Marseille (France) of 40′ Bavaria as skipper.
This is  my Best experience
best regards

diego di brigida

post scriptum

if i need more experience you needed i will agree with your suggest

10 12 2011
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9 02 2012
Jan van hest

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4 02 2014

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